Collection February 2015


When everything falls, pick up the pieces and make something with them, something new and original. We developed this theme inspired by the chinese game “Tangram”, each piece have to find its place, so with the same pieces we can build many different tablets, for us several types of buckles. Also bit like Lego, with the usual pieces infinite creativity, with or without precious stones.
Northern european inspiration : functionality, simplified shapes, accessories establishing a strong connection between nature and innovative techniques, between urban comfort and sensuality.. the key word is overlap to obtain the softness of a cocoon. Our buckles were developed as it was covered with a big silk thread, we can also call layering, with a geometric rounded form… overlapped.
The Slow current invites us take the time to see the things in detail and to indulge our desire for well-made, high quality products which are studied, design and expert crafting are the signature of opulent good taste : slow luxury .. simplicity and cleanliness. 
A naif theme inspired by the world of fairy tales set in the woods where plant and animal elements are mixed with caucasian folk patterns, tapesteries and home furnishing motifs, birds of paradise, a branch that becomes the buckle and infinity forms of leaf. 
Dreaming to discover remote horizons, abyss of the world of insects and reptiles.. the land under the earth, a phantasmagoric world. An other world, a world in which the beautiful get marry to the strangeness and createsmagnificent insects or animals that come from the depths of the sea, as sea urchins, starfish or as a warrior scorpion, sensual movement of snake and the lightness of nature meets with style Fortuny.
This is a theme in trasformation, in which defined boundaries becomes undefined, thanks to juxtapositions, changes, deformations and changes of shapes that gives new life to objects. Craftmanship is used as a means on communication, cutting out, sculpturing, pulling, coating the extremities.


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